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Infotech Education Society Journal

of Science and Technology
                                                  ISSN 2455-4391
Volume 3 Issue 1

Paper Title
Design & Analysis of Open Loop lnverter Controller for Standalone PV System with Variation in Load
Author Name
Author1 Arpan Dwivedi
Author2 Vijay Anand Bharti2
Year of Publication
Volume and Issue
Volume 3 Issue 1
A standalone PV system is preferred over the grid connected system for the residential and rural area load demands. The lots of research are already carried out for the power electronics converter design for renewable energy systems as well as the controller adopted. The various controllers for inverter operation available are Fuzzy logic, PI, PID and MS-PI. All these controllers are for the PV based system and works on the principles of closed loop system. This paper proposes an improved inverter voltage controller using open loop control system. This makes the PV inverter system more easy and reliable. The proposed inverter works on open loop control system, a relay base time dependent controller is proposed here. The inverter is also cable of meeting power demand with the variation in load. Based on the results, the proposed controller has proven that its performance is robust and efficient in terms of total harmonic distortion (THD), regulated voltage amplitude in term of oscillation. The harmonic investigation is performed. The proposed system is validated through simulation results.