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Infotech Education Society Journal

of Science and Technology
                                                  ISSN 2455-4391
Volume 3 Issue 1

Paper Title
Medical Image Retrieval Based on Wavelet, Bag of features and Relevance feedback
Author Name
Dr. Nikhat Raza Khan
Year of Publication
Volume and Issue
Volume 3 Issue 1
New techniques are evolving in bio-medical field which are helpful in diagnosis of diseases in early stages of onset as well as from distanced locations to shorten the response time for treatment. One such technique involves comparison of image(s) of diseased part of body of the patient with those stored in data base(s) for diagnostic purposes. The challenge lies in comparison being as realistic as possible to make the diagnosis full proof. This paper reports an improved technique of retrieval of best-fit image for a test image utilizing multi-level imaging based on texture features, LBP features, retrieval feature, which are processed using hash coding classifiers andrelevance feedback to get improved final result.
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