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Infotech Education Society Journal

of Science and Technology
                                                  ISSN 2455-4391
Volume 2 Issue 1

Paper Title
An Improved Qleach Protocol For Minimization Of Energy Utilization In Wireless Sensor Network
Author Name
Amit Bhavsar
Harsh Mathur
Year of Publication
Jan 2018
Volume and Issue
Volume 2 Issue 1
Energy utilization is major issue in wireless sensor network. The wireless sensor network is diverse network to deploy for collection of critical information in geospatial location. The sensor network basically used tiny battery for uses of energy. The maximum consumption of energy expires the life of network. For the improvement of life cycle of sensor network used energy based routing protocol in series of energy based routing protocol such as LEACH, QLEACH and many more routing protocols. The LEACH protocol basically based on the clustering technique. the cluster head during the communication change it take more energy. In this dissertation modified the QLEACH protocol for the minimization of energy utilization in wireless sensor network. For the minimization of energy used EM model. The EM model basically probability based function. The EM function estimation the Value of energy for the communication. The proposed method made in two factor one is measurement of power during formation of cluster head and in second phase used the process of data aggregation with sensor node. The deployment model of sensor node is distributed in different section. The distribution of these sensor node in random fashion according to mobility model of senor network.