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Infotech Education Society Journal

of Science and Technology
                                                  ISSN 2455-4391
Volume 1 Issue 2

Paper Title
Text Document Classification by Utilizing term and Pattern Features in EBPNN
Author Name
Author Suraj Prasad
Year of Publication
Volume and Issue
Volume 1 Issue 2
As the digital data increases on servers different researcher have focused on this field. As various issues are arise on the server such as data handling, security, maintenance, etc. In this paper text classification is proposed that classify the text document in efficient manner. Here Error back propagation algorithm was utilize for the classification which is a soft computing approach. Proposed classification approach classifies the data on the basis two phase learning where training of neural network was done by binary input of the text vector. While second phase was testing where classification done as per training. Experiment was done on real as well as artificial dataset. Proposed work results are better as compare to previous work on different evaluation parameters.
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